Stand up for gun reform. Let's BUYcott Dick's Sporting Goods!

Dick's Sporting Goods did their part by implementing stricter rules on gun sales. Now, it's our turn to support them.

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BrendaLee Lennick

Tallahassee, FL | Veteran for peace, Mom, Gun reform advocate

Use your spending power to support businesses that do the right thing.


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Buy a Dick's Sporting Goods gift card to let companies know that customers care about this issue. We will pool all purchases when the buycott ends (on 5/12/18) to show our collective buying power.


UPDATE: In solidarity with the action organized by the mothers who lost a child in the Parkland school shooting, we are reopening this "BUYcott!" Following the #ShopInForMoms, we will process all purchases on Saturday, May 12th, the day before Mothers Day.

As customers, we need to show our support for Dick's Sporting Goods' stance for gun reform. That's why I'm calling for a "BUYcott" from now until March for Our Lives, on March 24th.

Businesses depend on our spending, and we should be spending at businesses that align with our values. Let's flex our consumer power!

To participate in this buycott, all you have to do is buy a gift card through this campaign. On March 24th, we will pool all of the gift card purchases together and deliver the final amount to Dick's so they know their customers are behind them. We will also fulfill your gift card purchases at that time.

Why Dick's Sporting Goods?

Out of unspeakable tragedy, the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High have risen up to say #NeverAgain. In addition to pushing for policy and education to end gun violence, Americans of all ages have have been asking businesses to do their part to ensure no more lives are unnecessarily lost due to gun violence.

Dick's Sporting Goods has been exemplary in its response. As the largest sporting goods retailer in the country, it has decided to advocate for "common sense" gun control, both by implementing stricter rules around gun sales at its stores and by calling for change at the policy level. Dick's has agreed to:

  • Stop selling assault-style rifles, also referred to as modern sporting rifles.
  • Raise the minimum age to purchase firearms to 21
  • Stop selling high capacity magazines
  • Reaffirm its stance on never selling bump stocks that allow semi-automatic weapons to fire more rapidly.

You can find Dick's full statement here

My Story

My passion for common sense gun law advocacy began while on active duty working for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). Working on case loads filled with non-combatant deaths caused by weapons that are supposed to be used to defend our country, but instead are used to commit suicide or kill civilians, made me think much more deeply about what type of guns are available to the untrained in our country and the laws around their use.

I believe our children have a right to a live in a world free from fear of being shot or killed. I believe the time has come to update the 2nd Amendment and bring it into this century. I believe every person's right to live overrides any one's right to own weapons designed for war.

The fact that many businesses are taking a stand on their own to curb gun violence gives me great hope! Companies like Dick's are making changes, showing that even when policies are lagging behind, companies can be at the forefront of progress! Consumers have the power to support this change and I fully support any company or person working towards the safety of our children and communities. I hope you'll join me in thanking Dick's and thereby encouraging other businesses to stand up too. 

Use your spending power to support businesses that do the right thing.


dollars pooled

Buy a Dick's Sporting Goods gift card to let companies know that customers care about this issue. We will pool all purchases when the buycott ends (on 5/12/18) to show our collective buying power.


Campaign Updates

Update 1: We made it to the news!

March 21

The Tallahassee Democrat picked up on this campaign and wrote a piece about my story, why I'm passionate about gun reform, and why I'm choosing to buy-cott! You can find the full article here.

Update 2: Dick's CEO Edward Stack speaks out on Washington Post about his commitment to gun reform

March 21

"This is not a publicity stunt -- You don't put a billion dollars at risk for a publicity stunt." Read his whole op-ed here.

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How we create change

Customers make purchases. That's the power we have to get companies to listen. Here's how we harness that power.

You buy a gift card to show Dick's Sporting Goods that you support their new policy.

pledges together

Other customers do the same.

pledges tip the scale

Together, we can say thank you to Dick's Sporting Goods and show that customers will reward companies for doing the right thing!

It's a win-win-win!

Win for you, win for businesses, and win for the common good!

Frequently Asked Questions

Spendrise uses the power we have as customers to make businesses more socially and environmentally responsible. We all spend money, and where we choose to spend money has a big impact. Through Spendrise, crowds of us can pool our spending together to get a company's attention and change business as usual.

A buycott is the opposite of a boycott! Instead of not spending money in protest, you spend money to support a particular change or practice.

By buying a gift card through this Spendrise buycott campaign, you are telling Dick's Sporting Goods that you're spending directly in support of their decision to implement stricter rules on gun sales. That way, the company can clearly see that its customers are standing behind them when they choose to do social good.

Once we reach the campaign deadline, we will deliver a letter to the Dick's Sporting Goods to let them know of your purchases.

Either you or someone you like! Your willingness to buy a gift card from the business shows that you (or whoever you give the gift card) are a real customer -- someone who will spend money at the business!

Anybody can create a campaign, and it's absolutely free. The first step is to contact the Spendrise team with your campaign idea, and we'll help you get started with your own page just like this. In the past, we have worked with schools, non-profits, community groups, and everyday people to create campaigns.

Not necessarily, we see your gift card purchase as money you would likely spend anyways if you were a customer at the business. The gift card amount you choose is completely up to you! We are all for being thoughtful and intentional about where (or whether) you spend. We don't want more consumerism, we want more consumer power!

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