Let's Help Casellula Provide One Fair Wage

Casellula has agreed to go gratuity-free and pay livable wages to all employees in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

We did it!

With 25 customers pledging to buy $975 worth of gift cards, Casellula has agreed to go gratuity-free and instead, pay a living wage.

We will be in touch via email about fulfilling your pledges. If you have any questions, please send them to info@spendrise.com.


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Campaign Creator

Diners United

New York, NY | Fighting for livable wages, working conditions for restaurant workers (dinersunited.com)

Campaign Creator

Campaign Progress

This Spendrise campaign is a success! Seeing the customer support from this campaign, Casellula has committed to go gratuity-free and instead, pay a living wage.

Together, 25 customers have pledged to buy $975 worth of gift cards.

  • Campaign Update: We did it!

    Casellula has responded and accepted our Spendrise pledges. They will make the change we asked for at their new restaurant in Pittsburgh, PA.  Thank you for being part of this important effort, your pledges to spend helped make this happen. Here's the direct response from Brian Keyser, owner of Casellula:

    “At Casellula we are advocates of a high-road restaurant industry. We are excited to partner with our customers, Diners United, and ROC United in implementing gratuity-free pricing at our brand new Casellula location in Pittsburgh, which will allow us to provide fair, livable wages to all our workers, kitchen and service staff alike. Thank you for speaking up and supporting us with your dining dollars – we hear you, and we agree. We can’t wait to welcome you to Casellula, in New York and now in Pittsburgh.” - Brian Keyser

    Campaign Description

    • You pledge to buy a gift card if Casellula commits to provide livable wages to all employees.
    • Casellula hears directly from paying customers about what we value.
    • Employees earn fair, livable wages for their work in a high-road restaurant.

    Casellula is a well-loved leader in the restaurant industry, providing exceptional food and service. As restaurant-goers, we're using our dining dollars to encourage Casellula to take the next step in leadership and provide a livable wage for all workers, kitchen staff and service staff alike.

    Some restaurants in New York and around the country have been able to provide livable wages to all employees—including cooks, dishwashers, and porters—by making the change to "gratuity-free" pricing. By including everything in the menu price, this puts the responsibility for paying fair, livable wages on the restaurant and not on diners via tips. To provide livable wages for all employees, we support Casellula in making this important change to 'gratuity-free' and in providing menu prices that reflect the full cost of the meal.

    Make your pledge to spend at Casellula and show your support for the restaurant and their staff in making this bold move. Casellula depends on paying customers--longtime and new alike--supporting them to make this change.

    Learn more about restaurants going gratuity-free

  • Casellula is a well-loved New York City cheese and wine café, with top-notch ratings and reviews. The New Yorker has described their 40-cheese selection as "wide-ranging, laid-out in easy-to-comprehend categories, and expertly garnished," and the New York Times describes a Casellula sandwich as "too good to sacrifice a bite." On Yelp, they have 4 stars (★★★★☆) and are two dollar signs ($$), with 700+ reviews.

    The staff at Casellula "really like cheese. A lot," and they warmly say "the best part is you don’t need to get all dressed up to come here."

    Casellula NYC

    401 W 52nd St
    New York, NY 10019

  • About Diners United and ROC-United

    One Fair Wage

    We are Diners United, people who love food and want a restaurant industry we can all be proud of. We leverage our consumer power alongside restaurant workers and 'high road' restaurants to achieve truly fair wages and working conditions.

    This campaign is part of what the Restaurant Opportunities Centers-United calls One Fair Wage - a livable wage paid to all workers, tipped or non-tipped, and an end to the "tipped minimum wage." Across the restaurant industry nationally, tipped workers are commonly paid as little as $2.13/hr, relying on uncertain tips for the rest of their income. And even in the few fine dining restaurants where tips are generous, the system creates massive disparities between tipped and non-tipped workers.

    Together, our pledges let RAISE member and industry leader Casellula see how much the community supports the move to One Fair Wage for all restaurant employees.

    By adopting One Fair Wage and a gratuity-free pricing model, Casellula will be able to provide a more equitable and livable wage to all their workers. We encourage and commend their open and transparent process in establishing this new system. We are eager to bring our friends and family to enjoy the hospitality at Casellula and hope that you will too by pledging to this campaign!

Reasons for pledging

Campaign Creator

Diners United

New York, NY | Fighting for livable wages, working conditions for restaurant workers (dinersunited.com)

Campaign Creator

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Spendrise uses the power we have as customers to make businesses more socially and environmentally responsible. We all spend money, and where we choose to spend money has a big impact. Through Spendrise, crowds of us can pool our spending together to get a company's attention and change businesses as usual.

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Once we hit the first campaign goal, we will deliver a letter to the headquarters of the business we are targeting, and give them an opportunity to respond. Depending on their response, we will raise the pledge goal to get more people and spending mobilized, and take bolder actions to raise awareness for the issue at hand to further pressure the business. Each business has a tipping point at which they see it’s in their best interest to listen to the demands of the people. Spendrise can help you get there.

Either you or someone you like! Your willingness to buy a gift card from the business shows that you (or whoever you give the gift card) are a real customer -- someone who will spend money at the business!

 Anybody can create a campaign, and it's absolutely free. The first step is to contact the Spendrise team with your campaign idea, and we'll help you get started with your own page just like this. In the past, we have worked with schools, non-profits, community groups, and everyday people to create campaigns.

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