Target: We're shopping in support of your inclusive bathroom policy

Boycott Target for being trans-inclusive? I see your boycott and raise you a buycott!

Thank you.

38 customers bought $2,140 worth of gift cards in support of Target agreeing to set a trans-inclusive bathroom policy.

If you have any questions about your gift card order, please send them to


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Campaign Progress

This Spendrise buycott campaign finished on 6/15/17!

Together, 38 customers bought $2,140 worth of gift cards to support Target's decision to set a trans-inclusive bathroom policy.

Campaign Details

Update: Thank you for your support for this campaign! We've fulfilled your gift card orders, and let Target know that you bought that gift card directly in support of its trans-inclusive bathroom policy. Find the original campaign details below.

Opponents are trying to pressure Target with a boycott to reverse its new policy on trans-inclusive bathrooms.

You're shaking your head in disbelief. Us too.

That's why we started an "anti-boycott," to show that there are shoppers just like you who stand with Target and other leading businesses on this issue of dignity and respect for all.

So how does one join an 'anti-boycott'? Just click "Count Me In!" and commit to buy a Target gift card. Then use that gift card for your next shopping trip. Or better yet, gift it to your local LGBT organization.

After June 15th, we'll let Target know that your purchase is directly in support of their inclusive policy, and we'll fulfill the gift cards as one big group! #SquadGoals

So join us in standing up for what you know is right. Take 2 minutes and make your purchase today.

Reasons for supporting

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How we create change

We let companies know they'll be rewarded for doing the right thing.

Single Pledge

You buy a gift card to show Target that you support their new policy.

Pledges altogether

Other customers do the same.

Pledges on a scale

Together, we can say thank you to Target and show that customers will reward companies for doing the right thing!

It's a win-win-win!

Win for you, win for businesses, and win for the common good!

Frequently Asked Questions

Spendrise uses the power we have as customers to make businesses more socially and environmentally responsible. We all spend money, and where we choose to spend money has a big impact. Through Spendrise, crowds of us can pool our spending together to get a company's attention and change businesses as usual.

A buycott is the opposite of a boycott! Instead of not spending money to protest a practice, you spend money to support a particular change or practice.

By buying a gift card through this Spendrise buycott campaign, you are telling Target that you're spending directly in support of a particular change or practice. That way, the company can clearly see that its customers are standing behind them when they choose to do social good.

Once we reach the campaign deadline, we will deliver a letter to the Target to let them know of your purchases.

Either you or someone you like! Your willingness to buy a gift card from the business shows that you (or whoever you give the gift card) are a real customer -- someone who will spend money at the business!

 Anybody can create a campaign, and it's absolutely free. The first step is to contact the Spendrise team with your campaign idea, and we'll help you get started with your own page just like this. In the past, we have worked with schools, non-profits, community groups, and everyday people to create campaigns.

Not necessarily, we see your gift card purchase as money you would likely spend anyways if you were a customer at the business. The gift card amount you choose is completely up to you! We are all for being thoughtful and intentional about where (or whether) you spend. We don't want more consumerism, we want more consumer power!

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