Tell Retailers: We'll spend at your store if you dump the Trumps

Macy's, Nordstrom, and Amazon: drop products affiliated with the Trump family, and we'll make a purchase.

We did it!

Nordstrom is the first company to make this change!

60 customers have bought $2,255 worth of gift cards to say thanks.

We will be in touch via email about fulfilling your pledges. If you have any questions, please send them to


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Washington, DC | A web platform for customers who want to change businesses for good

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Campaign Progress

Nordstrom was the first company to drop all products affiliated with the Trump family before 2/3/17!

Together, 60 customers bought $2,255 worth of gift cards in support.

Campaign Details

Update: Nordstrom has dropped Ivanka Trump's line, and will get the whole group's gift card pledges! Below is the original campaign text.

To Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Amazon:

Donald Trump has joked about assaulting women and invited avowed racists like Jeff Sessions and Stephen Bannon to his administration. These actions represent a danger to people across the US, including many of your customers and employees.

And Ivanka has been right there next to Donald, campaigning for him, participating on the transition team that helped select Sessions and Bannon, and joining high-level political meetings while in line to take over his businesses.

I want to spend my money this gift-giving holiday season at companies who take a bold stand against the kind of racism and sexism that the Trump family promotes—not a company that's directly helping them profit from it.

Companies such as and interior design company Bellacour have already responded positively to customers and dropped Ivanka Trump's products from their stores.

In addition to boycotting, I'm joining this unique challenge to speak up in a language we know you can understand: our consumer dollars.

So today, I am pledging to spend money at whichever of you is the next retailer to drop Ivanka Trump's products from your stores. I am doing this as a customer who has shopped with you before and who would like to shop with you again, if you stop carrying her line.

I promise to spend money at whichever of your companies acts first and stands up to the Trump family's brand of divisive and dangerous politics. The first to act gets all our pledged spending, the others get none.

We hope you'll join us soon so we can spend with you during the holidays!

Reasons for pledging

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Washington, DC | A web platform for customers who want to change businesses for good

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How we create change

The first company that makes the change gets your pledge to buy a gift card!

Single Pledge

You pledge to buy a gift card on the condition that these business drop all products affiliated with the Trump family.

Pledges altogether

Other customers do the same.

Pledges on a scale

Together, we can tip the scale to make the positive change a reality! The first business to make the change will get the entire group's gift card pledges!

It's a win-win-win!

Win for you, win for businesses, and win for the common good!

Frequently Asked Questions

Spendrise uses the power we have as customers to make businesses more socially and environmentally responsible. We all spend money, and where we choose to spend money has a big impact. Through Spendrise, crowds of us can pool our spending together to get a company's attention and change businesses as usual.

A pledge is just that -- you are saying that you’ll buy a gift card at a business IF the business makes the change this campaign requests. You will not be charged until one of the businesses makes the change. At that time, we'll complete your pledge and charge you for a gift card at the first company that makes the change!

We want to incentivize a competition to drop her brand quickly, while people are paying attention and right during the all-important holiday shopping season. If other companies also drop her line, even better!

Your pledge will expire and you’ll pay nothing.

Gift cards are a simple and flexible way to fulfill your pledge to spend at a business. When a campaign succeeds, we load your pledge onto the company's gift card, and then you can use it just like cash when you shop there afterwards. Or make it an actual gift and share it with your friends and family!

Companies listen when customers speak up -- they know that real dollars are on the line. Our platform takes the power of group action to the next level by going beyond anonymous signatures to leverage the awesome power of group spending.

Spendrise will get in touch with the companies targeted to let them know -- but in order to really get their attention, we need to get as many pledges as possible as quickly as possible. So be sure to share this with your friends and family!

Either you or someone you like! Your willingness to buy a gift card from the business shows that you (or whoever you give the gift card) are a real customer -- someone who will spend money at the business!

 Anybody can create a campaign, and it's absolutely free. The first step is to contact the Spendrise team with your campaign idea, and we'll help you get started with your own page just like this. In the past, we have worked with schools, non-profits, community groups, and everyday people to create campaigns.

Not necessarily, we see your pledges to buy a gift card as money you would likely spend anyways if you were a customer at the business. The gift card amount you choose is completely up to you! We are all for being thoughtful and intentional about where (or whether) you spend. We don't want more consumerism, we want more consumer power!

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