Here's How Our Dollars Can Make Real Change


Pledge to buy a gift card if a restaurant hires CERO for its composting needs


Our pledges give business owners a big incentive to listen to their customers


If the restaurant agrees, then we fulfill your pledge as a gift card. It's a win-win!

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Founded by working class African-American and Latino entrepreneurs from Roxbury and Dorchester, CERO Cooperative creates green jobs, sustainability, and worker-owners in our communities. To date, CERO has recovered more than 2.4 million pounds of organic materials from incinerators and landfills.

CERO Coop is Boston’s only worker-owned commercial composter, ensuring clean, responsible and reliable commercial composting solutions, as well as re-earthing of food waste for local agriculture and providing green jobs in Boston’s underserved neighborhoods.

To expand green jobs and support women-owned, people of color-owned, and community-owned businesses, Boston-based diners can encourage Flames, Bon Me, and Legal Sea Foods to partner with CERO Coop for their composting solutions.