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Our dollars make a difference!

Pledge to buy a gift card if, and only if, Trader Joe's agrees to ban Styrofroam packaging.

It's a win-win: they adopt a positive change, and you buy a gift card. No change, no charge!

What gift card amount do you pledge to buy?

Gift Card
The rough cost of...
... Two jars of TJ's cookie butter
... Five packs of TJ's Mandarin Orange Chicken
... One week's groceries for 1
... One week's groceries for a family of 4
... One month's groceries for 1

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Make sure to leave an email you check regularly so we can send you campaign updates. Email will also be the way we let you know when this campaign wins, your pledge is fulfilled, and you are charged.

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No, you are simply pledging to buy a gift card at the target business. We will ask you for your payment information, but you will only be charged when the business agrees to the change and we achieve a campaign victory. We will keep you up to date on the campaign progress via email, and you can change or cancel your pledge at any time.

The power of the Spendrise platform is that everyone supporting campaigns is a real customer committing to spend real dollars at the businesses, and companies take paying customers seriously. The way we ensure that is by verifying your pledge.

Once you pledge, you will receive regular campaign updates via email. We will never charge a pledge without sending an email in advance. At any time, you can change or cancel your pledge. You will receive instructions on how to do that in a pledge confirmation email.

You'll be notified via email.

Nope! Let's say you support the campaign by pledging to buy a $50 gift card. If the campaign wins, then that's what you'll pay and that's what you'll get.