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CERO Coop is Boston’s only worker-owned commercial composter, ensuring clean, responsible and reliable commercial composting solutions, as well as re-earthing of food waste for local agriculture and providing green jobs in Boston’s underserved neighborhoods.

Founded by working class African-American and Latino entrepreneurs from Roxbury and Dorchester, CERO Cooperative creates green jobs, sustainability, and worker-owners in our communities. Launching with our first client in October 2014, we provide commercial food waste composting solutions to supermarkets, anchor institutions, and healthcare facilities, hotels, and restaurants. To date, CERO has recovered more than 2.4 million pounds of organic materials from incinerators and landfills. Instead of being burned or buried to release toxic greenhouse gas methane , the “waste” is re-earthed, a resource we can turn into rich compost that supports local and urban agriculture. We provided over 200 cubic yards of compost-rich soil to Boston-area urban farms, including the Haley House Farm Thornton Street Farm.

As we continue to grow our organics business, CERO worker-owners are building Boston’s sustainable economy based on diverting food waste, increasing local agriculture and environmental stewardship. Soon we will deploy a clean technology system where CERO-recovered food scraps and yard waste produce clean energy, organic liquid fertilizer and compost. Partnering with urban farmers we can extend the growing season, heating greenhouses with renewable energy and promote green economic innovation in our city.