About Diners United and ROC-United

We are Diners United, people who love food and want a restaurant industry we can all be proud of. We leverage our consumer power alongside restaurant workers and 'high road' restaurants to achieve truly fair wages and working conditions.

One Fair WageThis campaign is part of what the Restaurant Opportunities Centers-United calls One Fair Wage - a livable wage paid to all workers, tipped or non-tipped, and an end to the "tipped minimum wage." Across the restaurant industry nationally, tipped workers are commonly paid as little as $2.13/hr, relying on uncertain tips for the rest of their income. And even in the few fine dining restaurants where tips are generous, the system creates massive disparities between tipped and non-tipped workers.

Together, our pledges let RAISE member and industry leader Casellula see how much the community supports the move to One Fair Wage for all restaurant employees.

By adopting One Fair Wage and a gratuity-free pricing model, Casellula will be able to provide a more equitable and livable wage to all their workers. We encourage and commend their open and transparent process in establishing this new system. We are eager to bring our friends and family to enjoy the hospitality at Casellula and hope that you will too by pledging to this campaign!