Where did this list come from?

Spendrise pulled this list together from various public sources, including the list of sanctuary restaurants and various lists on the internet after #DayWithoutAnImmigrant that were compiled into a google spreadsheet. Other businesses were added because people directly told us that those businesses were participating in various days of action. If there is a mistake on the list, please let us know at info@spendrise.com.

What if I know a business that should be listed?

Great! Email us at info@spendrise.com and we’ll add the business. Please include the city and state the business is in, and how they’ve been participating in days of action.

What if I want to encourage a business to join this list?

We can help you make that happen. Spendrise exists to support consumers to use our power to create change in the world. If you have a favorite business that you want to be taking action for social justice -- either through joining one of the strike days, becoming a sanctuary restaurant, or otherwise showing support -- let us know by filling out this form, and we’ll be in touch about how we can help you make it happen.

What if a business is listed that shouldn’t be listed?

We can’t claim to be perfect, and since this list is basically a list of other people’s lists, it’s possible there’s a mistake on here. If you know for sure a business shouldn’t be listed, let us know by emailing info@spendrise.com. Please include the city and state, and why you believe it shouldn’t be listed.

What is Spendrise?

Consumers are increasingly interested in connecting our spending with our values, and Spendrise is the platform built to make that happen. We believe it’s better for everyone—customers, employees, companies, and the planet—if we all have a bigger voice in today’s economy. Our platform makes it simple and easy for individuals and organizations to start campaigns and “vote with their wallets” for positive change wherever we spend money, leveraging our shared purchasing power to incentivize businesses to be more sustainable, treat their employees better, and do more to support communities around the world.

How does this site work?

By pledging to spend money at a business (or by buying a gift card directly, where possible), you are helping to show businesses that you support the stand they are taking. As a business, taking a political stand and speaking out publicly for women, immigrants, and others can be a risk, and we want to make sure that those businesses get tons of support from their communities for taking that risk. To make it easier for all of us to say thanks, we are making this list of all the places that are joining the various efforts to stand up against hate. If you have any feedback, reach out: info@spendrise.com.

Why can’t I buy a gift card from all the businesses?

Since this list is ever-growing, we get in touch with the businesses included on the list, and we set up gift card purchases whenever possible. If you know a business on the list that has gift cards/certificates, reach out to info@spendrise.com and we’ll work with them to set it up!

When will I get my gift card?

If you bought a gift card through us, it will arrive in 2-4 weeks.