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Past Campaigns

We campaign for an inclusive economy with equity and opportunity for all.

We campaign for worker well-being and economic security.

We support companies who take leadership on pressing issues.

We campaign for a clean and sustainable economy.

Businesses we've asked to change include

Target · Trader Joe’s · Amazon · Macy’s · In-n-Out · Dick’s Sporting Goods · Postmates · Caviar · Netflix · NFL · and more!

Caviar, Postmates, and DoorDash: Serve Ward 7 and 8 customers, too

Postmates, Caviar, and DoorDash weren’t delivering to predominantly Black neighborhoods in DC east of the Anacostia River. Customers joined together to demand equal service for the entire city; they won!

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Target: We're shopping in support of your inclusive bathroom policy

When Target decided to allow its customers to use the bathroom of their gender preference, they received a lot of flack. But even more people wanted to support them for taking a stand for inclusivity. What better way to say “thank you” than making a purchase?

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Restaurants: Compost with CERO cooperative, and we'll come dine

CERO is a Boston-based business that composts food waste. They’re also a worker cooperative, which means that business decisions are made collectively by the workers. Bostonians wanted to support CERO, so they created campaigns to ask their favorite food spots to compost with CERO!

Let's Help Casellula Provide One Fair Wage

A restaurant owner wanted to adopt a living wage for employees that didn’t depend on tip, but that meant prices would look different. So he ran a campaign to make sure his clientele would get behind the change. And they did!

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Spread The Cheer, Here

Money spent at local businesses, uplift the community, as opposed to money spent at national retailers that leak out of the local economy. For the 2017 holiday season, we promoted 13 local businesses that were also doing social good.

Tell Retailers: We'll spend at your store if you dump the Trumps

A group of concerned customers wanted to send a clear message, the Trump family should not be making money off a campaign based off bigotry against immigrants, women, and people of color. So they challenged retailers — the first to drop Trump-brand products will get our money! Nordstrom was the first retailer to do so, so they received all of the campaign supporters' pledge purchases.

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Stand up for gun reform. Let's BUYcott Dick's Sporting Goods!

Dick’s Sporting Goods took a risky stance in banning the sale of assault-style rifles in their retail stores. Customers in favor of gun reform said “thank you” with their purchases.

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Support Sanctuary Restaurants

On #DayWithoutImmigrants, businesses shut down and many workers walked out of their job to show the immense impact of immigrants on the American economy. Many restaurants around the country also committed to being a “Sanctuary Restaurant,” so we made a directory to make it easy for customers to support these businesses taking a brave stand.

Trader Joe's: Ban Styrofoam packaging and we'll come shop

Trader Joe’s fans didn’t want to have to choose between delicious food and environmental responsibility, so they joined together on a campaign to tell Trader Joe’s to stop wrapping their produce with Styrofoam.

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In-N-Out: Stop using plastic straws and we'll come dine

Students along the California Coast learned about the impact of plastic pollution on our oceans, so they decided to ask their favorite burger chain to go ol’ school — switch to paper straws!

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Starbucks: Replace your coffee cups with recyclable cups

Every day, Starbucks sells over 4 million cups of coffee in the US alone. That's 4 million cups that are headed straight to landfill -- because Starbucks coffee cups can't be recycled because of their plastic lining! We started a campaign to change that.

Target: Fight food waste by selling ugly fruits and vegetables

Over 40% of produce grown in the US goes to waste. A lot of that is because the produce have blemishes that don’t meet up to supermarket requirements. So, customers came together to ask Target to be a leader in preventing food waste by also selling “ugly” fruits and vegetables.

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