247 Comments for "Caviar, Postmates, DoorDash: Serve Ward 7 and 8 customers, too!"

Last Updated: 4/26/18

Jennifer U

I would use your services if you also served Ward 7 and Ward 8.

Sherrie BResident of Ward 7 or 8

Please add Wards7&8to your delivery service.

Allison CCurrent Customer

As a restaurant manager who relies on DoorDash (and Postmates) to get food to our guests, I'm disheartened to learn that fans in wards 7 or 8 don't have this option. Please join Caviar and Postmates in expanding their delivery zones. Will e-mail our rep at DoorDash as well.

Kendra YResident of Ward 7 or 8

We want food delivered too

Kristen HCurrent Customer

I’ve been a Ward 6 resident for 29 years and I can remember when we couldn’t get any delivery services here other than from Al’s Pizza (and forget getting a cab to come to your house!). Every neighborhood across the city should have equal access to services!

Gregory LResident of Ward 7 or 8

Ok. Never heard of Postmasters? I will look them up.

Brent PResident of Ward 7 or 8

There are ready and willing customers in Ward 8!

lori BCurrent Customer

Our Company orders out often and it is disappointing that many restaurants do not deliver in this area that is growing with new businesses everyday.

Matthew G

I have added your company's name to my list of businesses to avoid at all costs. I am also forwarding this information onto my friends and family and encouraging them to do the same. Please take a clear stance on this issue and I will reconsider using your businesses services.

John O

The only color that should matter is the color of your customers money.

Alyssa LCurrent Customer

Why miss an opportunity? Invest in the market - and be a responsible member of the community. Well done, Latoya, for starting the campaign - thank you!

Priscilla L

I don't live in Ward 7 or 8, but I will use any of these services until they service Wards 7 and 8.

Rita K

Why don't you START your coverage in poorer neighborhoods. All the other ward's are covered by other providers.

Anita BResident of Ward 7 or 8

Our company is located in Historic Anacostia, right over the 11th street bridge. Please deliver to us! Especially during the daytime- we need lunch options!

Carolyb W

Congrats on this victory. Food delivery for all!

Jesse BCurrent Customer

Please serve

Rebecca R

I live in Missouri but support those in DC demanding normal services available "across the river, the tracks, the Interstate. . ."but not available to themselves. It's outrageous, racist. Trust the community that wants the services. Let them make it happen.

Alison GCurrent Customer

As a current customer, I hope that Cavair and DoorDash will follow Postmates' lead and expand their service to all residents of Washington, DC. For me, this choice will influence which of these services I will use in the future.

Ramesh BResident of Ward 7 or 8

I work in ward 8 and live in ward 6. I like to have options for lunch

Rachna BCurrent Customer

I work in Ward 8 and we can never get food delivered to our office - we are thrilled that Postmates has opened up their delivery service.

Omar AResident of Ward 7 or 8

I have the Postmates app and have never used it. Why, because you have NO offerings to deliver to my home.

CJ ACurrent Customer

I fully support this campaign. My friends and fellow DC area residents deserve the same amenities available throughout the region. Let’s make it happen!

Urica LResident of Ward 7 or 8

I am a DC Native & 9 year Ward 7 resident/Homeowner & college graduate. It is imperative that Ward 7&8 are equally served as Wards 1,2, 3, 4, 5 & 6!!

Carla SResident of Ward 7 or 8

Please include Ward 7/8 area in the food delivery chains, most citizens in this area are seniors or dont have their own transportation to get to restaurants, we would love to have decent food delivered to us. Thank you.

Maureen N

Don't you want to really want to be known as companies who redline based on race??

Caitlin OCurrent Customer

As a former resident of Anacostia, I understand the difficulties in accessing food - both via delivery services and at grocery stores. I think it's a terrible business decision to not provide delivery to Wards 7 & 8 and the situation must be remedied ASAP.

Nagisa MCurrent Customer

There shouldn’t be any inequality for the access to food in between the wards.

Rebecca G

Black people deserve quality food and equal service. I'm raising my hand to call for that change. With 24% of the District’s population, they are a huge consumer base that's being ignored and underserved. This needs to change. #HungryInEastoftheRiver #BridgeTheGap

Anthony Lorenzo GResident of Ward 7 or 8

A native Washingtonian raised in Deanwood in Ward 7, I'm adding my name to to the endless fight for quality food and equal service east of the river. Ignored and underserved, no more!

Jennifer PResident of Ward 7 or 8

Uber eats gets used regularly in my far northeast home. Please expand our options!

Brenda HResident of Ward 7 or 8

I have been an UBEReats customer for about 1 year. I have not subscribed to any other services. UBEReats always arrives in a timely manner. Excellent service! I'm in Ward 7.

Maria SResident of Ward 7 or 8

This has gone on way to long. Hillcrest is a very nice neighborhood.

Jasmine DCurrent Customer

Signing in support of the current petition and hoping you all consider adding GoPuff. Their delivery zone practically stops at North Capitol and leaves NE and SE out, but goes out to Arlington (nearly to FALLS CHURCH) and completely serves NW & SW. It's awful.

Christopher BResident of Ward 7 or 8

I have been wondering why my SW neighborhood of Bellevue has been redlined by these companies for so long. I think this petition is gaining traction. I'm happy to report that I ordered from Postmates successfully last night with no issues. Now Caviar, DoorDash, Grub Hub, Eat24, Amazon Restaurants, and GoPuff need to get on board. If you can't serve all of DC, don't bring your business to the District at all!

Alexa ZCurrent Customer

I don't want to participate in any services that are not accessible to all members of the DC community.

Gretta BCurrent Customer

Equality for all!

Diane C

Equality matters. Treat all residents the same or you'll find yourself losing business.

Harriet M

Equal rights, equal service for all

Damien PCurrent Customer

Stop this racism

Andrea Z

Serve ALL of DC or none of it. We don’t need businesses who aren’t committed to serving each and every community.

Julia MResident of Ward 7 or 8

I recently moved from Capitol Hill to Anacostia. A mere 1.5 miles down the road but a world away for food delivery. I used to have my pick from dozens of restaurants but now have limited options. If it weren’t for Uber Eats, there would be nothing. We need more east of the river!

Eve ZCurrent Customer

I just deleted the Postmates app. You either serve the entire District or you don’t get my business. No one gets left behind, especially not people of color.

Annie HCurrent Customer

This is unacceptable

Ruby S

Come on, people!! #BridgeTheGap

Courtney RCurrent Customer

Everyone deserves to eat... even the non-gentrifiers.

Lindy CResident of Ward 7 or 8

I recently moved to ward 8 and haven’t been able to have anything delivered other than Papa Johns! Don’t throw my buisness away!

Elisabeth DCurrent Customer

These services should be available to all within DC and the surrounding area.

Margaret A

You need to serve wards 7 and 8!!!!!!!!!

Colleen DCurrent Customer

Black people deserve quality food and equal service. I'm raising my hand to call for that change!!!

Joshua HResident of Ward 7 or 8

You have customers and a market... just because there's a river in DC, doesn't mean we SE of it shouldn't be served as well. Some places, just 3 minutes from me, get food on your services, whereas I don't. That's wrong. Serve our community.

Fiona ACurrent Customer

Caviar, doorDash and Postmates MUST begin serving the whole of the district in order to ever be able to say they serve the district. I know dozens of families in ward 7 who would use the service regularly and I think it’s wrong to single out neighborhoods you demographic.

Clyde TResident of Ward 7 or 8

I am here for this! So many government employees on this side of town and we are too busy to cook! I am technically a postmastes customer, but I only use it when visiting friends west of the river since there are so few options for me to use it at home!

Layla BCurrent Customer

Make food options available for all!

Arthur T

You know you should.

Deborah JResident of Ward 7 or 8

I've never heard of these services but welcome something more than Uber Eats.

robert l

Serve all of us or go somewhere else like MD or VA

Yesenia CCurrent Customer

Hi 'm an Eckington homeowner and am very supportive of this incredible initiative to try to get food equity in Ward 7. While the issue of Ward 7 & 8 being food deserts are not new issues, this petition campaign is a great step in trying to ensure that Ward 7 gets the same treatment that Ward 5 residents get in terms of food access. My Ward 7 neighbors deserve just services. They are Washingtonians just as much as residents of every other Ward.

Lafayette BResident of Ward 7 or 8

Everyone needs to eat and money is green. Why not?

Sydney WResident of Ward 7 or 8

Please deliver to these areas, especially Postmates. I order Ubereats at least twice a week. We deserve the same services as the rest of the city.

Marcus CCurrent Customer

This is ridiculous

Brendan FCurrent Customer

Don't be scared! Serve our whole city please

Daniella BResident of Ward 7 or 8

Fair and Equal deliveries through out the city is a must! We would probably purchase more than any others anyway.

Whitney MCurrent Customer

I lived in ward 8 for five years and would have to DRIVE everywhere to get a decent meal. However everyone may not be able to do this. Let’s hold them accountable!!

Karen AResident of Ward 7 or 8

I'm a resident of Ward 7 and find this to be discriminatory. I was ordering regularly from Postmates, but will have to stop using the service if they do not start servicing the residents in my ward that are farther out than me.

Joyce H

I attend Brighter Day Ministries (in Ward 8) and work in ministry with Bradbury Heights UMC (in Ward 7) and notice that meal delivery services are not available to us when we try to order food from these (and other) takeout restaurants even though we are willing to pay in advance and even tip generously the delivery person. I believe this is primarily an act of discrimination against individuals in Ward 7 and Ward 8

Jim VResident of Ward 7 or 8

I just bought a newly built, beautiful townhome on Bass Place SE in Marshall Heights (Ward 7) DC and would like to have the opportunity to buy groceries in my new neighborhood as well as to have food delivered to my home as I have had available to me in PG County, Maryland. I regret that I didn't pay attention to the disparity of resources between Ward 7 and the rest of the area until I moved here. I don't know how long term residents of the area were able to obtain food and other basics for so many years.

Tomeika BResident of Ward 7 or 8

Thank you for starting this petition.

Toni JResident of Ward 7 or 8

Hillcrest neighborhood

Shana GCurrent Customer

Hi Latoya! My name is Shana and I am the owner of Healthy Fresh Meals. We are a meal delivery service based out of DC that delivers to ALL of DC. I wanted to sign this petition and let you know that we would be more than happy to get meals out to you, and anyone else in Ward 7 or 8. Our website is www.HealthyFreshMeals.com, but I invite you to contact me and I can further explain our service (which is not a subscription) and I would also be more than happy to send you a weeks worth of meals for free for you to try out! Please contact me at my email Contact@HealthyFreshMeals.com. I am extremely saddened to see that people in your community do not have access to food delivery, let alone healthy meals, and I hope we can change that for you! Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best, Shana Greenbaum

Jourgette RResident of Ward 7 or 8

Also consider bringing food to the door. I am a person with a disability and walking outside causes a challenge.

Kenya MResident of Ward 7 or 8

I order food a lot of times from Uber Eats which is my only option!! I live in a food desert in Ward 7 and it’s sad to see that we have no or limited options of food choice, even though we are pushing for healthy food options!!

Julia BCurrent Customer

I think it is critical that residents east of the river have access to the same food options we do in Ward 3... food equity is part of social justice and I want to use companies I think of as being a good corporate citizen.

Sarah RResident of Ward 7 or 8

I use UberEats all the time and would love more options and competition east of the river. Caviar, DoorDash and Postmates deliver to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, but not to my house, just a few hundred yards across the Sousa bridge.

Melvin HResident of Ward 7 or 8

I live on the border of Ward 7 and 8. The lack of options is frustrating- especially when you can go less then a mile over a bridge and the options become unlimited. I would hope the delivery services recognize that there is revenue to be made by opening up there services.

Lauren RCurrent Customer

Please serve everyone!!! I don’t see how it’s even legal not to! I won’t be ordering again till everyone can order.

Synta KResident of Ward 7 or 8

I’m a ward 7 resident. I have friends over and also Airbnb guests. We all want delivery service in ward 7. It’s a missed opportunity for you in terms of customers and deliverers. If this continues where you refuse to go to wards 7 and 8, I will use Ubereats when I’m working near the wharf and tell my friends and family to do the same. Synta

Kelly DResident of Ward 7 or 8

Ward7 family here hoping to eventually enjoy the many delivery options available to wards 1-6.

Melanie PResident of Ward 7 or 8

Serve wards 7 and 8!

Sylvia MResident of Ward 7 or 8

I live in the Kenilworth/Parkside community which is less than 1.5 miles from H street and can’t get food delivery to my home.

Janelle SResident of Ward 7 or 8

Im so happy someone decided to say something! I know you mentioned that UberEats is already servicing this area. However, I live on East Capitol and Im about 9 minutes from the H Street Corridor. It makes me xtremely mad that when I log on to UberEats, they will not give me those restaurants as an option. Residents on this side of the river have long been forgotten. I hope someday this is no longer an issue.

Tara JResident of Ward 7 or 8

Service ward 7 and ward 8 the same way you service capitol hill which is over the bridge. Im

Brenda HResident of Ward 7 or 8

I have been an UBEReats customer for about 1 year. I have not subscribed to any other services. UBEReats always arrives in a timely manner. Excellent service! I'm in Ward 7.

Elizabeth GCurrent Customer

As a DC native and customer of all three companies, I was disappointed (but not surprised) to learn of the blatant discrimination taking place against folks who live in Wards 7 and 8. The excuses given by the companies are ludicrous (blaming the bridges, really?!), and I will not use any of these delivery services until they remedy this. All three companies should be ashamed.

Tanisha HResident of Ward 7 or 8

I have attempted to order from Postmates and reached out twice once via email and Twitter only to be disappoint by the response that three do not serve my address in Ward 7.

Kenyon SResident of Ward 7 or 8

This is LONG OVERDUE..First, there aren't as many grocery stores options nor are there any restaurants available. I hope the delivery services hear our pleas.

John F

Equality for All!

Sharon HResident of Ward 7 or 8

Thank you for initiating this petition. I live in Ward 8 and not all restaurants delivery to the area. I'm tired of it! Blessings, Sharon

Jayme BResident of Ward 7 or 8

These companies are missing out on a ton of business. Use grubhub and uber eats 2-3 times a week.

Rick EResident of Ward 7 or 8

I am a resident of ward 7. We demand the same services offered to residents of other wards west of the Anacostia.

Davinia SResident of Ward 7 or 8

Everyone has to eat, to include Ward 7 & 8 residents. Look at the numbers, you'll see we use your discretionary income to order delivery, eat at restaurants all over the city, and generally are the same consumer base you are servicing in the other wards.

K LResident of Ward 7 or 8

I noticed this article while reading my WTOP Daily Headlines. I too, have had a difficult time with delivery companies/restaurants NOT servicing Wards 7 and 8. I hope to see change very soon. Thank you for your efforts!

Shaquinta GResident of Ward 7 or 8


Shameka LResident of Ward 7 or 8

Very frustrated by the red lining of delivery services. We are an untapped market and companies should service all of DC if they want to do business in the district.

Erik mResident of Ward 7 or 8

Help us help you. Our money spends just like the NW residents!

Scott PResident of Ward 7 or 8

We have a lot of money over here too! Many of us moved from upper nw to buy homes in Se. you are missing out and Uber is taking your market share.

JASON MResident of Ward 7 or 8

Very glad this petition has been started b/ i have been very disappointed in the food delivery discrimination against us tenants on the EAST SIDE!!!


I truly believe that all people should be served equally not only politically but that should include food delivery as well. We all live in the same city and as a Ward 8 resident I'm so tried and frusated the so many of the city services provided always stop at EAST OF THE RIVER. we are residents of this city as well. If you got boycotted, you would see how it feels to be left out or in your case your businesses not being patronized

Theresa CResident of Ward 7 or 8

I live in a safe neighborhood, surrounded by neighbors who want high quality foods, delivery, and services.

Shantelle WResident of Ward 7 or 8

East of the River communities and the residents here deserve the same quality options as other parts of the city!!

Calvin and Barbara NResident of Ward 7 or 8

Our money spends and out neighborhoods are safe . Don’t judge

Erica BResident of Ward 7 or 8

Food delivery services are missing out on a large swath of residents in Wards 7&8! We are government workers, teachers, and business owners, to name a few. You should make your services available to all of Washington, DC. By redlining, it appears that you are discriminating against us.

Zephranie BResident of Ward 7 or 8

The intentional refusal to deliver east of the river is unconscionable...

Iola AResident of Ward 7 or 8

This is a problem that goes beyond food delivery but also with regards to investment, resources and government attention.

Montez LResident of Ward 7 or 8

As a resident of Ward 7, it is appalling of the blatant discrimination of food delivery services to Wards 7 and 8. I am signing this petition to bring the injustice into the light of day. I implore equity for all DC residents.

William LResident of Ward 7 or 8

As taxpayers Ward 7 & 8 residents should be eligible for delivery services too.

Jennifer PResident of Ward 7 or 8

Uber eats gets used regularly in my far northeast home. Please expand our options!

Kirin KResident of Ward 7 or 8

This should be expanded to include wards 7 and 8. I’m tired of going in the Apps and seeing we currently do not deliver in your area.

Joy MResident of Ward 7 or 8

There are quite a few middle class working folks in Anacostia and we would like to have the benefit of ordering food for delivery. Restaurants in Eastern Market and Navy Yard are closed enough to deliver.

Thomas WCurrent Customer

You should serve all of DC!

Erin JCurrent Customer

I don't live "east of the river" but I do live in Prince George's County, which is a predominantly black area that also has limited food delivery service options. I stand with Ward 7 and 8. WE the people deserve to eat healthier, cleaner food.

Gloria TResident of Ward 7 or 8

I’m a resident of Ward 7, a very diverse section of the District that I'm proud to call home. Ward 7 is home to D.C.’s largest park, Fort Dupont, and also home to Hip Hop Chicken & Fish, Sharks Seafood, and many other takeout restaurants that serve quick fried eats. I'm young, Black, and while I love to cook and frequent these ma' and pa' shops, I also want to experience the same service that Postmates, Caviar, and DoorDash provide in Logan Circle, Columbia Heights, or even just across the bridge in Capitol Hill and H St. Unfortunately, this isn't my reality.

Monica DResident of Ward 7 or 8

High time Ward 7 & 8 got recognized as integral parts of Washington DC with a rich history, rather than outliers on the other side of the river!

Tom BResident of Ward 7 or 8

We need these services on our side of town. We live in a food desert!!!

Anna-Lee DResident of Ward 7 or 8

I would be a customer if these businesses offered service to my address.

Lindsey JResident of Ward 7 or 8

Yes! Serve Ward 7 and 8 please!

keren mResident of Ward 7 or 8

I am a resident of Ward 7. I am also a middle class mother of 3. My immediate neighbors are a teacher, a federal worker, a college student, and a metro employee. Not serving our community is just bad business.

Carrie NResident of Ward 7 or 8

Please service my neighorhood! I'm a single mom of 2 kids and need all the help I can get for this type of delivery!

Robin FResident of Ward 7 or 8

I am a ward 7 resident that would like equal treatment as the folks west of the river.

Samuel SResident of Ward 7 or 8

I've had literally the same experience, and so have the life-long residents of Wards 7 & 8. I'm new to the ward, but not to DC. My experience in other areas of the city is vastly different than that of my experience east of the Anacostia. It's time these companies live up to their mantras.

Brenda HResident of Ward 7 or 8

I'm in Ward 7 and the only delivery service that I deal with is UBEReats. They are the only service that I'm aware of and other delivery services is unknown to me. UBEReats to me is an excellent service. Delivery is done on a timely basis.

Rick CResident of Ward 7 or 8

It's terrible that we have to beg companies to serve all wards until it becomes trendy to do so. So in 3 years people will be like...OMG, you live in Deanwood, so hip.

L GResident of Ward 7 or 8

Kudos to you Latoya. Businesses that discriminate based on zip code or Ward should not be allowed to operate in the city

Nadia EResident of Ward 7 or 8

Why is it assumed that no money can be made in Wards 7 & 8? It is foolish

Theresa PCurrent Customer

The difference between the food I can access in Ward 6 (where I live) and Ward 8 (where I work) is astounding. Even if we set the very important equity lens aside, the market for delivery service in Wards 7 and 8 would still be strong given the existing lack of access to grocery stores and sit-down restaurants residents are already forced to deal with.

Marion BResident of Ward 7 or 8

If money talks, I promise these companies will be making more if they expand their service areas. I've tried to access each one from our home and would love if we had the option (and would probably use them too often!). :-D

Nichele WResident of Ward 7 or 8

The PEOPLE of Ward 7 & 8 deserve food delivery the same way the people of other Wards receive food delivery.

Josiah LCurrent Customer

If companies don't address this, DC should enact legislation.

Michelle LResident of Ward 7 or 8

My money is green, too! I loved these services when I lived in Columbia Heights. Now that I'm in Ward 8, I can't use the service?

Amanda BCurrent Customer

I'm originally from Eastern New Orleans, a predominantly Black area, and we also do not get food delivery services. It was a complete food desert for 10 years after Hurricane Katrina. Keep up the good work!

Eydie CResident of Ward 7 or 8

Lifelong Hillcrest resident, would love better options for delivery.

Emmy T

C'mon, seriously? If you want my business, serve all of DC. It's not hard.

Erik MCurrent Customer

As a Ward 4 resident, I see need to have food delivery services to all parts of the District. Without these services everyone, inequality gaps in income, access, and humanity are increased. Please start delivery and access to my Ward 7 and 8 neighbors, or I will have to cease being a customer of these services.

Katie DResident of Ward 7 or 8

I live just Southeast of the district line and would also appreciate these services!

Kendra HCurrent Customer

I am a Ward 5 resident but am often seemingly arbitrarily cut off from deliveries from places that are just a couple blocks from me. I am essentially on the wrong side of the starburst intersection. At least Postmates, DoorDash and Caviar work in my neighborhood even if the options are very limited. I don't think this is just a business model issue and I stand with the Ward 7 & 8 constituents.

Jonathan BCurrent Customer

Access to food delivery services can help improve access to meals for many families.

Joan E

Deliver to all D.C. or we will stop using. This is like redlining and immoral. And it's bad biz!

Rhonda CCurrent Customer

It's time for local businesses to put together their own delivery consortium and put these middlemen out of business - and make delivery more affordable and accessible to everyone.

Sandra MCurrent Customer

Don't discriminate, serve all DC residents!

Rebecca WResident of Ward 7 or 8

We have a very small number of quality food options which will deliver to our home in Fairlawn and we patronize those businesses a LOT (thanks Pow Pow). There's definitely money to be made east of the river. And providing equal access is the right thing to do.

Carrie H

Come on companies, get this done before your competitors roll right over you.

Felicia PResident of Ward 7 or 8

I moved to DC from CA almost 3 years ago and enjoyed my time in the NW quadrant. My son and I had food delivered through Postmates and DoorDash on a weekly basis. It was a complete let down when I moved to the SE quadrant in February and realized that I could only access Ubereats for food delivery. My main thought, why? My first response, because mostly Black people live in the South. Please, somebody, provide me with another answer.

Dana W

I was a resident of Ward 8 for years, and the only two restaurants that delivered to me were also EOTR. Wards 7 and 8 have limited fresh grocery options, and shouldn't be shut out of using food delivery apps.

Kristin FResident of Ward 7 or 8

Resident of Ward 8! It's bad enough that we have supermarket deserts, we don't need to be turned away from delivery too. Without delivery services, we aren't helping stimulate our local economy (restaurant and delivery staff).

Melissa SCurrent Customer

Excluding Wards 7 and 8 from your service area is unfair, possibly racist, and a stupid business decision. I'm certainly not giving you any more of my money until you change your policy.

Tim DCurrent Customer

I also deliver for Postmates and find it really messed up that I don't make deliveries in those wards. This needs to change.

Mark vCurrent Customer

I am an ally of my fellow Washingtonians in Wards 7 and 8 and all too often those Washingtonians are left out of the services and opportunities available elsewhere in the District. Until these companies change, I cannot continue to provide them with business. Do the right thing!

Hillary HCurrent Customer

No reason not to deliver to all D.C. residents!

Joshua FCurrent Customer

These businesses should serve the whole city. I'm going to stop using them until they expand to cover Wards 7 & 8.

Tim WCurrent Customer

As a lawyer who regularly needs quality meals delivered quickly, I appreciate the convenience offered by Caviar, DoorDash, and Postmates. Until these companies expand their services to Wards 7 and 8, however, I will be giving my business exclusively to delivery services that already serve ALL DC Wards.

Michael SCurrent Customer

I am a Ward 6 customer. My loyalty goes to companies that serve my whole city.

Kelly W

I think this service should be available to all people in DC, otherwise is false advertising.

Matt KCurrent Customer

Folks east of the river deserve equal access to DC services.

Kathryn KCurrent Customer

This is truly unacceptable as a business practice.

Christine ACurrent Customer

I am a resident of ward 4, but my husband recently started driving for Postmates and we were appalled to learn that they did deliver to Wards 7 and 8.

Anita MCurrent Customer

If you're going to serve DC you have to serve ALL of DC

Jon BResident of Ward 7 or 8

It is beyond racist how companies like Postmates, etc operate in this city. If they can't provide the service equally throughout the city, they shouldn't be allowed to operate in the city.

Kelsey KCurrent Customer

I support equal access to food delivery services for DC residents in all 8 wards.

Renee MResident of Ward 7 or 8

I live 2 miles from the "NEW and IMPROVED H St. CORRIDOR", where I sometimes eat. I see many of the coupons for first delivery free from Caviar, DoorDash and Postmates but none of them deliver to me who's within a 2 mile radius. It's unfair and maybe something a little more than just 'unfair'. I used DoorDash at work until I realized that 5 miles away at home, you didn't service me.

Liz CCurrent Customer


Howard LResident of Ward 7 or 8

There are local companies that service Ward 7 such as Pizza Bolis. Support local and forget about these corporations.

Sesoo IResident of Ward 7 or 8

It is discriminatory and must end.

Anacostia BResident of Ward 7 or 8

Support out businesses!

Michelle ECurrent Customer

Serve all DC Residents please

Jerri JResident of Ward 7 or 8

#bridgethegap Tons of research shows that compared to predominantly white or hispanic neighborhoods, black communities tend to have less access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy meal options. It would behoove businesses such as Caviar, DoorDash, and Postmates to take this research and related studies seriously, and work with all residents of the city to make access to healthier food options a reality.

Phyllis HResident of Ward 7 or 8

I concur!!!


If you "serve DC", you must serve DC - all of it.

Angel C

Blaming the bridges for not servicing Wards 7 & 8 residents is beyond weak.

Laura F

All residents of this city deserve access to a wide variety of food options.

Samantha CResident of Ward 7 or 8

We eat over here too. We're people too.

Meredith HResident of Ward 7 or 8

I live in the small sliver of Ward 7 that lies West of the Anacostia river. I enjoy taking advantage of several food delivery services, such as DoorDash, and I want everyone in my Ward to have equal access to these conveniences. Please consider expanding your service area without significant cost increases. I think that your business will find a loyal and lucrative customer base East of the river, and your brand will benefit from equal urban access.

Elaine HResident of Ward 7 or 8

Please extend your business to Wards 7 and 8.

SHEILA SResident of Ward 7 or 8

Serve all or none!

Thaddaeus H

I am a resident of the Chicago Suburbs who has visited Washington DC a lot because my sister lives there. It is not right that we as visitors have to drive over 3-6 Miles to get some decent food because there is no good delivery service in her neighborhood. Please change this NOW!

Rhonda FResident of Ward 7 or 8

Hungry and about to use ubereats right now!

Antonio CResident of Ward 7 or 8

We desserve the same services as our counterparts West of the river.

Amy LResident of Ward 7 or 8

I find it incredibly sad that your services don't deliver to Ward 7. None of my family or friends in DC use your services because you don't deliver to me as a Ward 7 resident and they find that reprehensible and discriminatory.

Latoya WResident of Ward 7 or 8

Let's keep the momentum up!

Matthew NResident of Ward 7 or 8

I was a customer when I lived in a part of the city they delivered

LaToya WResident of Ward 7 or 8

Not having any food delivery options for my neighborhood is extremely frustrating.

Erica HResident of Ward 7 or 8

i would like delivery to my area

Si'Mone FResident of Ward 7 or 8

I just recently found out that their was dudparities, in delivery services, within DC. This is unjust, in that, the deliveries, do NOT involve cash transactions. Install cameras, in hotbed areas, but don't demographically discriminate!

Jamar WResident of Ward 7 or 8

The food delivery service options available to our neighborhoods don't even serve food from DC. The majority of restaurants available come from Maryland.

Elisabeth JCurrent Customer

West of the Park resident who thinks my neighbors should be able to get some damn delivery.

Tabitha CResident of Ward 7 or 8

There will come a time when you will need us as much as you think you only need them! #allservicesmatter #alllivesmatter #bridgingtheallgaps

Kristal QResident of Ward 7 or 8

This is a missed business opportunity. Wards 7 & 8 are food deserts. Few restaurants or grocery stores. With limited food options, a delivery service would make a killing if they serviced these areas.

Jessica HResident of Ward 7 or 8

I was a frequent user of postmates, Uber eats, and caviar when I lived in ward 6, but since moving to ward 7 and discovering nothing can be delivered here, I’ve deleted all of these apps entirely. I’d love the opportunity to use these services again!

Ayanna SResident of Ward 7 or 8

Discriminatory delivery practices are simply criminal!

Antonio SResident of Ward 7 or 8

Serve Wards 7 and 8!

Keith TResident of Ward 7 or 8

We deserve the same level of service like the rest of the residents in DC.

Edna BResident of Ward 7 or 8

Please serve all of Washington, DC area and not just the few select. Otherwise, advertise that you only serve the so called privileged. Also, stop price fixing and stop serving unrecognizable food and drinks.

Alexis WCurrent Customer

I'm not a DC resident but I do work in DC, in Ward 6, literally just a couple blocks from Ward 7 and the Anacostia River. If you can deliver to me at there, you can deliver to Wards 7 and 8!

Barbara D. MResident of Ward 7 or 8

Some of residents of Ward 7 go across the bridge to spend our money. If you offer delivery than we can stay home and have food delivery. This is a job for some one, to deliver service.

Rachel RResident of Ward 7 or 8

I live within 1.5 - 2 miles of many restaurants along the H street cooridor, yet none of the delivery services will come to my house because I live East of the River. This is nothing less than modern day redlining.

John Z

Serving Ward 7 and 8 is the right thing to do. Besides, you can make money there!

David RCurrent Customer

This is pretty absurd. If Postmates fleet earnings are based on "a per mile rate for the distance between the pickup & drop-off locations" (https://fleet-help.postmates.com/hc/en-us/articles/219622608-How-are-earnings-calculated-), and Postmates can feasibly serve the far reaches of Northwest, then service should not stop at the Anacostia River. Expansion would also bring those same mom-and-pop shops access to broader DC through Postmates, Doordash, etc. Really think and consider this petition.

Taisha PResident of Ward 7 or 8

We really need more options in the area

Meredith BCurrent Customer

Wards 7 and 8 are food deserts and underserved in every way. Businesses need to realize that there is money to be made East of the River and that it is in their business' best interest to do business there. And it is simply the right thing to do.

Kelly DResident of Ward 7 or 8

Ward7 family here hoping to eventually enjoy the many delivery options available to wards 1-6.

Tamara V

I can't really say it better than Latoya did, but your practice is discriminatory and also stupidly missing out on a lot of customers.

Melissa HResident of Ward 7 or 8

I am moving to ward 7 and I want it to have the services and access that other parts of DC have! Let's serve all DC residents equally - or at least make an attempt to.

Keisha KResident of Ward 7 or 8

We deserve the same quakities that other wards receive too

Sheryl CResident of Ward 7 or 8

I want my neighborhood, River Terrace to be included for food delivery.

N. LResident of Ward 7 or 8

My neighborhood is black, but that doesn't mean we don't like to order delivery...

LaKeeshia FResident of Ward 7 or 8

Thank you for starting this petition. This is a problem and I think a potential lawsuit for discrimination.

Shakirat GCurrent Customer

This is absolutely inexcusable and I will not be using these services again until ALL of our DC residents are served fairly.

Kersha DResident of Ward 7 or 8

I don't just want chicken and fried foods! Come to Ward 7 and Ward 8. All money is green!

Mysiki VResident of Ward 7 or 8

Check out my latest quote to the Washington Post The push has to also come from the city as well to echo the voice that all citizens, all residents in the city should be treated equally regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds, regardless of what side of they city they live in,”

Jackie M

I'm so very glad this was brought to our attention. Of course 'serving Washington, DC' should include all wards without question!

Bernadette TResident of Ward 7 or 8

Uber Eats gets all of the $500/mo minimum I spend on food delivery service, and I'm not unique. The residents in this community deserve equal access to ALL of the benefits to city living - but because you don't deliver, Uber and Amazon are making a killing off of me. Having a potentially discriminatory business model is not Smart, the optics are terrible, and you're losing money. Do better.

Cheryl SResident of Ward 7 or 8

I am a Ward 7 resident and I believe in fairness like the other wards. Ward 7 and 8 needs better food restaurants, grocery store etc. All wards are equal to me. Amen

Elba A

I fully support the effort to encourage these services to provide equal treatment for alll DC residents to include and serve our neighbors in Wards 7 & 8. If these neighborhood are NOT SERVED, these services are NOT complying with their promised intent to serve all DC. Elba

Brandi FCurrent Customer

Agreed! If the apps are going to serve “Washington, D.C.” they must serve ALL of D.C.

Jack BResident of Ward 7 or 8

I live in Marshall Heights and am constantly disappointed by the lack of companies who are willing to serve in my neighborhood. Caviar, Postmates, and Doordash: this is unacceptable and you need to change. Now.

Chris G

There is no reason that I should have access to food delivery as a resident of upper NW, when Wards 7 and 8 are oftentimes located closer to your partnering restaurants. Until you begin serving ALL of DC's residents, I won't be using your services.

Kat CResident of Ward 7 or 8

My fiance and I moved to Congress Heights last summer and haven't had a single food delivery the entire time. It's outrageous that no one will deliver to that side of the river.

Nioke WCurrent Customer

Please serve all of DC!

Kanyinsola ACurrent Customer

If people want to pay provide them service

Carol L. R

A meal delivery service that serves DC should serve ALL DC.

Mark H

Can I say this is "as American as apple pie?" Yes! Make deliveries to all eight wards. Be inclusive. Include ALL Washingtonians equally.

Henry DResident of Ward 7 or 8

We are all in this together.

hayden hCurrent Customer

don't be dumbasses

E. C

I stand behind Latoya Watson and her neighbors in Wards 7 and 8 who should have the same access to food as the rest of the city. Washington DC is all 8 wards. Thanks for your consideration.

Jenna UCurrent Customer

I work in Ward 8 and use your service less at home in Ward 6 because you don't service the entire city.

Andrea DResident of Ward 7 or 8

Serve all the people in DC. Do it for good reasons, but know that DC residents include many strong-minded activists who could boycott companies that discriminate, support lawsuits to force service, and support companies with a reputation for serving the community.

Tiffany SResident of Ward 7 or 8

Happy to see this.

Kitty K

We have stayed at Airbnb’s across the river and found them to be very pleasant communities. Please serve ALL of DC.

Jennifer W


Lani PCurrent Customer

Just do it. It's not that hard.

Amponsah NCurrent Customer

I find it outright discriminatory and unequal that certain food delivery services won't or don't deliver to certain areas in DC. This is sad and if I can do anything to bridge that Gap, I am happy to!

Toni A

Same service for all no matter where you live.

Sherice MResident of Ward 7 or 8

I support and applaud the effort of Ms. Latonya Watson for creating this petition to bring services to Wards 7 & 8!

Roric M

D.C. means all 8 wards!

Lisa KResident of Ward 7 or 8

Do the right thing. If you serve DC, serve all of DC.

Sophia H

Convenience is one reason people love meal delivery services, and considering that many folks in Wards 7 & 8 live in food deserts, these delivery services should make an even greater effort to bridge the gap.

John CResident of Ward 7 or 8

Yes, we need you to make more money..

Karen RCurrent Customer

Serve one, serve all. This is not a safety concern; it's a racism concern. Do better.

Rachel JCurrent Customer

Please serve all 8 wards.

Tyrell HResident of Ward 7 or 8

As a native of Ward 7 I've watched other areas experience rapid growth to include new sit down restaurants and food delivery options. The lack of food options on the East End, unfortunately is one of race, this injustice must end!

George MCurrent Customer

All quadrants of the city, NW, NE, SW, SE deserved to be served, without exception.

Sakeenah SCurrent Customer

I support meal delivery services coming to Wards 7 and 8!

Katrina CCurrent Customer

People in Ward 7 and 8 are short on time but want delicious and nutritious meals, just like everyone else. Take a chance on them!

Javan S

I understand what it’s like to not have services provided so I support expansion to help people.

Aerica BResident of Ward 7 or 8

I'm a Ward 8 resident. You're missing out on our businesses and my business.

Gregory CResident of Ward 7 or 8

I join the growing number of voices calling for equal treatment for all DC residents. As a resident of Ward 8 and potential customer, I will continue to do what I can to support companies who care about me and the neighborhood I live in.

Anna BCurrent Customer

I work in Ward 8, and it is very discouraging that I am unable to order food to work for lunch or as a treat to my students at the school I work at.

Mei LCurrent Customer

I will not continue being a consumer of a company that does not give equal treatment to all DC Residents!