Get Your Favorite Restaurant to Join the Movement on May 1

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On May 1, hundreds of thousands of workers are planning to strike for human rights worldwide and businesses are encouraged to close in solidarity.

It's especially hard for local restaurants and service workers to lose a day's earnings.

So here's something YOU can do to make May 1 a success.

(and it's as simple as 1-2-3... 4.)


Ask your favorite restaurant to close on May 1


Pledge to buy a gift certificate and get your friends to join you

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As you gain more pledges, Spendrise will contact the restaurant


If your pledges convince the restaurant to close, everyone gets their gift certificates!

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Business: Bon Me


|  Boston, MA

Started by: Olivia C.

Customer since:


Favorite Order:

Thai Basil Chicken

Why she started the campaign:

"I'm encouraging Bon Me to support the strike on May 1 and send a clear message that our communities stand up for immigrants and workers. My friends and family are happy to chip in with purchases to help lower the cost of taking action for Bon Me's owner and employees. If Bon Me closes on May 1st, we're promising to come eat on May 2nd and beyond!"

Adopt your favorite restaurant for May 1st!

Help restaurants close on May 1 by raising pledges to buy gift certificates if they do. Support restaurants to join the movement AND pay employees on May 1.

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