What does collective action look like in today’s economy?

Companies have a big influence on our lives. We need more influence over companies.

Hard-won regulations are under attack.

Companies are contributing millions of dollars to sway policymakers.

Worker organizations need new allies.

Facing new business models, new technology, and fissuring workplaces, workers need support.

We need new ways to take collective action.

Our answer is simple—

Consumer power.

We have an untapped opportunity to take collective action as consumers.

Organizing our power as consumers can build an economy that works for all!

What can we achieve by coordinating our collective spending strategically?

Companies that take the fight against climate change seriously.

Companies that commit to paying workers fair wages and benefits.

Companies that take customers data and privacy seriously.

Shifting from consumerism to consumer power.

With consumer power, we’re making sure the most successful companies aren’t the ones who cut corners, but the ones that listen to the voices of their customers.


Consumer Power

Focused on the individual Focused on the collective
Company changes consumer behavior through marketing Consumers change company behavior through collective action
Creates a race to the bottom for the lowest prices and biggest profits Encourages a ‘race to the top’ by rewarding positive impact
Views people as selfish, mindless shoppers Views people as agents of change, using our position in the economy strategically

Let’s turn this moment into a movement.

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